Shrek The Musical Review

Shrek The Musical



“Ohhh parfaits are the best,” says donkey from the musical Shrek directed by Mr.Dunlop. This play features an ogre going on a quest to find a princess (Fiona), for Lord Farquaad to marry in order to get his swamp back from him. On the way Shrek encounters a donkey named Donkey who soon becomes friends with him. It is well worth going to because of the acting/singing, performance, props, clothing and the sound/lights.

The acting/singing in the play was stupendous. I have watched all the movies even the one on the play. There is a movie on the play on netflix but the acting sucked to me in that version. But I saw high school students put this play on, and they have way better acting skills than the movie play. I loved how the ballerina girl also played gingy/gingerbread man. She had the voice done very well for him, but I wish you couldn’t see her mouth move as well. Donkey was really cool to see because it is really hard to do his voice that is in the movie. But the actress who played donkey did very well considering that she almost had the voice and the right kind of energy to play him. Shrek’s singing was sometimes off a little but he played his part very well.

The performance was ok to see. Well enough to see again but not to see more than that. During the performance the dragon’s arm accidentally fell off. I would not have noticed if they didn’t leave the mics on when the went off stage to tell what happened. The farting competition was not my favourite but it was still funny. The actors and actresses put on a good show and totally made the performance good. The show did have a few flukes in it though. When people got up to go to the bathroom during the show light would go into the theatre which does bug people, like me who was at the back of the theatre. They should also have a curtain that blocks out the light so people don’t get disturbed during the performance.

The props were very good considering that the school did have a way smaller budget than the big Broadway productions. They had to rent the dragon and that was a good choice because the show wouldn’t have come together without a dragon like that one. When they had Gingy on the block with his broken legs, held hostage by Lord Farquaad was really cool. I think it was really cool because the mouth was moving; and no one was around to move it so it had to be done electronically so that was cool. They had Fiona’s castle on the inside, so we got to see the inside of her castle which she spent so many years in. They also had Foina throughout the years she spent in her castle which I found kind of weird. I liked how when Donkey finds out about Fiona being an ogre, she was in a room and you could only them through a curtain, that had the light shining on them. So you did not see her till the end as an ogre. Through there was little bit of mist lifting the curse. The smoke machine was really amazing to see in the dragons part of Fiona’s tower. The smoke had smelt pretty bad in the theatre, they should have made sure the smoke machine did not smell before the performance. Another thing, Shrek and Donkey had to cross a bridge to get to the princess (Fiona), the bridge looked like it was going to fall over because of how rickety it was just like the movie.

The clothing/costumes had also thrown me off just a little because they didn’t look just right. All the misfits that went to the swamp did not belong there. The reused costumes and that is a big NO to me. They had costumes from “Alice and Wonderland” “Beauty And The Beast” and just random characters that do not belong there. I don’t know if the director wanted to use the characters again because they were magical creatures or, because they wanted everyone to be on the stage. Shreks costume was good though, they could have done the chin a little better at least. I didn’t like how at the one part Foina ripped the bottom piece of her dress off to do a musical number. It would have looked fine with just her normal skirt on. Lord Farquaad outfit was the best because it covered up the actors legs that must have been really had for him because he had long legs.

Sound and lighting was off at some spots because of the way it was. I am going to count the band as part of the sound because, they did make all the music to the play. I liked how the band played but they could have done something else with the music also. They had the same old boring start up music as all other musicals and plays have to start off. They did good on the songs they were always on time when they had to start. Some songs had good beat to it others did not. Also before a sound effect there would be a white sound/blank noise. So that did not really make me happy. The lighting in the swamp was a brighter green than I would have had hoped it to be but the lighting overall was ok.

Overall the acting/singing, performance, props, clothing and sound/lighting in the play, “Shrek The Musical” was good, not great but good. Since they told the whole movie from, Shrek going to save the princess Fiona from the tower, for Lord Farquaad so he can get his swamp back. To meeting and becoming best friends with Donkey. Mr.Dunlop did good on his directing of the play “Shrek The Musical”.


I think the world getting a new pope was the most world changing event. I think this is the most world changing event because our old pope (pope Benedict) had resigned . Not one pope had resigned since a long long time ago. So this is the first pope in many decades that had resigned. Many popes die and then they find a new pope. They found his replacement in days. His replacement was the new pope. Pope Francis.imagesourceanimoto


Challenge 9 Part B

I have decide who I’m going to pick to nominate. I have decide to pick this person because of her excellent posts and how she picks, the perfect picture. She writes about her life, her day,adds videos, tells about science projects, apps you can get on google,  dances she learned, field trips, halloween, and she has a cool recipe all on her blog. It is very interesting to read her blog and finally her name is Isabella. This is her blog Those are the reasons why I like and think her blog is cool and why I am nominating her.


Challenge 9 Part A (The Story)

I have wrote a story along with of my class. We all wrote an And Then It Happened story.When you read this it will have the story and a comic to it.

ballet slippers

Dance Recital

        My sister had a dance recital coming up so I invited Abbey and Gia to come along. Abbey was sick so only Gia had came along with me.When we got there we found our seats and played games on my ipod.
Just when the show had started we put away my ipod. Gia and I had to sit through 25 performances before intermission. One performance was chickens dancing (little kids in costumes) to the chicken dance.
At intermission the concession stand was open.Now Gia and I sat for an hour and a half.
“Abby lets hit the washrooms,” said Gia in a rush. Of course
had to agree with her.Ten minutes later.
“Please head back to your seats, we will be starting in two minutes.”
“Come on Gia lets go,” I hurried!
“ Hey Abby I know why beats are so red,” joked Gia.
“Why,” I questioned
“Because they were beat up to hard.”
“Haha the lights are dimming lets go,” I exclaimed.
My sister was finally up.
“Now with tap from ages 6-8”
“Gia here she is, my sister”
“About time! I waited two hours for this,”said Gia with alot of
“Boom,boom,boom,tap,tap,tap” went the music. And then it happened!!!!!!!
The kid behind Gia and I had to PEE!!!! HE through his drink and chocolate bar into the air. It landed all over the two of us. The boy ran to the washroom but we were covered in his food and drink! My mom took us home before my sister dance had ended because we were all sticky. After that year the concession stand stayed closed for the dance recitals.

Challenge 7

Activity 2

LIfe circal

Activity 3

There are differences and similarity’s between the picture of the teacher and me.  I have made a ven diagram to show the similarity’s and differences between the two.



There many other similarity’s and differences also, but these are the most conmen ones.It is different with every teacher and kid. So you the person reading this, probably has different connections with your teacher.

Activity 4

The differences between the to videos are that video 1 and 2 is about every time you log on to a website to do anything, it could just be you searching something you could be being watched by someone you don’t know. Many things on the internet you do any one can see what you are doing. Some website you vist can have a virus to it and the webcam on your computer will be activated without you even knowing. Plus since all the stuff you do online can be followed.Any one could post on a website that info. So you should be really careful with what you do online. Also in video 2 I learned that you are even tracked form before you were born and even possibly after you die. But out of the two videos I found out a lot of information that I did not know before.

Activity 5

Yes I am on the internet but I am proud of why I am on the internet. I wouldn’t be ashamed if my grandparents or grand kids looked at it. I didn’t put any of it there but I don’t really care that it is there because it is stuff I am proud of doing.

Activity 8

I understand that there is many things in the world and that not all people have to privilege or access to use the internet. Also that many things we might buy could be from online. Some people might not make the right choices with there access to the internet on texting or email, because they have not been taught to but I have, so I know how to use the internet properly and safely. Many kids don’t though.There is a law to online usages also. Devices are also very expensive because so you need to treat them with care. There is many things in the 9 elements you can learn or even already know. I all ready new a lot of the stuff because we had a presentation on it but now, you know.

imagesourcecomputer 2

Challenge 8

Activity 1

1.)I think when you have cool pictures, (really colourful and eye catching) and really nice text that matches that the picture, makes a great post.

2.)When I am out visiting other blogs and I see a really cool picture that catches my eye I like to stop and read the post and then usually comment.

3.)I find great posts on a blog by looking at the picture and them reading the post. If it is really catchy the post that is how I know it is great post.

Activity 3

1.) One of my greatest posts would be when I did challenge 4 because I include a really cool website to go in it and how many can our class had raised at the time.

2.) It had a website in it.

3.)Yes I am able to write about my own interests. On my post called “HI” I have it all on my personal interests and what I like to do.

4.) It would help to make my blog more interesting, because it tell the people who read my blog about my self, what I enjoy doing and like to do.

imagesourceblog 1



Challange 6

Activity 1
How many of your grandparents were born in Canada? Well 3 of mine were the 1 other was born in Holland. But in my class allot of the kids grandparents are born in side of Canada. Here an egsample. A bunch of horses were not suppose to be here in Canada but the settlers had brought in horses so they were immigrates to Canada.
Activity 2
My Opa didn’t have any recipes that I know of except for panakooca. My dad has a double chocolate chip brownie recipe from his family that he makes and my Nana is going to teach me how to make peanut butter balls. We have different recipes in our family.
Activity 3
No there aren’t any cultural events that my Opa had brought home with him. But we do many things as a family that aren’t from his country.
Activity 4
Just one generation because it was my mom’s dad that had immigrated here. so it is my Opa that had immigrated here to Canada.
Activity 8
Here in Canada we have four seasons. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. We are up north and not down by the equator were it is warm. The rises earlier in the fall and winter than in the summer and spring.The sun also sets earlier when it is fall and winter. you can ask more questions about were I live but I also would like to know about your country. So leave a comment about were you live and what it is like there.imagesourceholland

Human Rights Challenge 5

Today is human rights day! So many people will be writing about this to. As Mr.P had said, we could start off writing about a girl named Malala Yousafzai who changed part of Pakistan today in the world. She recently received the Global Peace award and wrote a book about herself called “I AM MALALA”. She had wanted to go to school after the government had band girls from going to school. So she and two friends and a few other girls had still decided to go to school. They were taught by a girl teacher also. Now all of them could have been caught and gotten into trouble. But Malala was not going to not go to school. Many of us take things for granted. We may not like it, but when it is taken away we finally realize how much we need it. It doesn’t matter if its education, friends or other people to talk to. We will realize it sooner or later if we already haven’t. Now back to Malala. Malala and her two friends were on there way to or from school when a few men came into the  vehical and shot Malala in her head (it came out her back), and again in her shoulder . She didn’t die but was taken care of in London England. Many other countries in the world are going throw this.It  isn’t just one country, it is many. That concludes my human rights post! 🙂imagesourceMalala 2

Challenge 4

Activity 1 rice

World Hunger

I am righting about world hunger today and 842 million people suffer from hunger. Many people can’t afford food so they end up going hungry or getting a a hunger problem called chronic hunger. Also many of those people suffer from not being able to grow properly. Many more people than the 842 million people don’t have micronutriences which we all need in side of our body’s to make us healthier. We mostly have to eat fruits and vegetables to keep a healthy diet. We need to help these people know matter what kind of need there in. To raise rice for them try this site

Activity 3

Yes our has done something to help out world hunger. Plus right now our school is doing a food drive to help out those in need. Our goal is 1000 pound i think. The food will be delivered to our local food drive for them to distribute out.

Activity 5

I put a link to up in activity 1 but when I played I raised 300 grains of rice. you can raise even more grains of rice so people who need food can have some.imagesourcerice